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Scenes From Highland Falls: Abigail Phelps, Book Two

scenes_from_highland_cover_for_kindle-2"I knew that Senator Kennedy would not accept defeat. He would not step aside and allow his horrible error to be a wake-up call. He would not reach out to me and suggest we put our bitter feud behind us. He would try again, for Kennedy men do not give up. They don't give up on their dreams of the White House, they don't give up once they decide they want to spend their lives with the woman they love, and they don't give up until they've gotten rid of anything standing in their way."

The delusions of a woman detached from reality? Or the scandalous, well-kept secrets of the greatest love story the world has never known? In the second installment of the Abigail Phelps Series, Abigail's stories become even more difficult to believe, and absolutely impossible to deny.

Available for Kindle and in Paperback.



Scenes From Highland Falls (Abigail Phelps, #2)

What readers are saying about SCENES FROM HIGHLAND FALLS…

Without giving too much away you’ll hope Bethany will rewrite history

Bethany Turner takes you on an emotional roller coaster in her second book about Abigail Phelps. I wouldn't use the overdone cliche if it wasn't so true! Without giving too much away you'll hope Bethany will rewrite history and give readers an ending where all the characters end up happy. Instead you go from a bubbly happy feeling to ugly tears (well maybe that was just me). And you know when a book can evoke that much emotion in you, it's a good one. Once you finish this one you'll have to pick up the third right away!

Andi Amazon Review

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